Women and Social Development

To meet the demands of the new emerging world, women are trained and equipped with the necessary skills in order to enable them to take their destiny in their hands.

Information Technology, the basics of First Aid and training in leadership skills for NGO women leaders are some of the courses which help women’s self-development.

Owing to their triple role, women lead a very stressful life. Hence, the CDM finds it important to organise activities so as to entertain them. Holiday camps, outings and picnics are some of the activities which help women to relax.

Women and Economic Development

With the view of economic empowerment, women have been trained with the necessary tools and skills so as to enable them to start a business of their own.

Women followed courses in basketry, sewing, cloth painting, knitting, cookery and food preservation.

Some women at Cité Anoska, 16e Mille (ex-inhabitants of La Pipe) were interested in rearing rabbits while others opted for fruit plantation. Rabbits and plants were offered to them.

 After completion of the courses, women were encouraged to start a small business. Courses on “How to start a small business” and “Managing a small enterprise” were offered.

Visits to factories were also organised so as to enable women to become aware of the economic development of the country and how their skills can be integrated into the economy. Resource persons from the Ministry of Women’s Rights, Child Development and Family Welfare, the National Handicraft Promotion Agency and MACOSS were invited to share their experience and to advise women on how to improve their work.

With the view of motivating our beneficiaries, the CDM organises an award certificate ceremony after the completion of training courses.

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