Sensitising Campaign on Breast Cancer


Since 2007, CDM organises breast cancer awareness campaigns in Mauritius and in Rodrigues under the supervision of Dr Dora Mamodesene, gyencologist from USA. In 2015, Dr Namrata Jeerakun, General Practionner, joined CDM in its fight against breast cancer

Breast Cancer – Some figures

In Mauritius, cancer is the 3rd major threat to public health after diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Breast cancer is the cancer which is most prevalent among women but it is worth noting that some men too are affected. In 2014, out of 100 cases of men with lumps in their breasts, one man was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is worth noting that 30% of cancer can be avoided thanks to early screening and appropriate treatment.

According to the Ministry of Health, breast cancer represents 40% of new cases yearly. The National Registry of Cancer reveals that there are 400 new cases every year. Breast cancer is responsible for 5.5% of all female deaths according to the Gender Statistics of 2013.

Importance of Early Detection

Early detection is of utmost importance since when breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, there are great chances of recovery. According to doctors, when breast cancer is at an early stage, the chances for recovery are 95% or even more. If the cancer has reached the armpits, the chances are 80%. If it has spread on the whole body, the chances are 20%. Women must be taught how to do self-breast examination which they must perform once a month so as to detect any abnormality in their breasts.

The Solution – Educate women on the subject

Early detection is very important in preventing breast cancer. Women must be encouraged to do self-breast examination every month so as to detect any abnormality in the breasts since the earlier it is detected there is more chance of being cured. One of the many solutions to reduce the incidence of gynecological cancers is by spreading breast cancer awareness among women and to do so in their environments.